eSpark Class Setup and Management

Add classes and group students all from the Roster tab!

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When getting started with eSpark for the school year, you'll automatically start with just one class. There is no limit to the number of students in each class, but sometimes it can be helpful to create additional classes.

Adding a class

You can add another class to your account on the Roster tab of your dashboard.

Simply click the + Create new class button.

You can import new classes from Google Classroom or Clever, or you can create a new class from scratch if you'll be adding students manually.

Class Options

By clicking Class Options you can complete the following actions:

  • Print login cards for the class

  • Add or manage co-teachers

  • Rename the class

  • Archive or Unarchive the class

    • Please note: if you have a co-teacher attached to the class, you will not be able to archive the class. Instead, you will have the option to leave the class.

Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch with our Support Team. Just click the blue Intercom chat button on the bottom right side of the screen!

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