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eSpark & Clever Guide

Access this guide to learn all of the details of getting set up with eSpark via our Clever integration.

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eSpark is set up to work with Clever Library. District admins should enable Clever Library. Then, teachers can follow the steps below to roster in eSpark and use Clever for SSO.

1. Logging into your eSpark teacher dashboard

Log into your teacher dashboard via this link. Select “Sign up with Clever” (see image below).

If you do not see the “Sign up with Clever” option, please first make sure that you are logged out of your teacher dashboard (from the upper right).

2. Adding your students from Clever into eSpark

Once you have signed up for eSpark via the “Sign up with Clever” button, you can import your classes from Clever using the steps below.

1. Go to the Roster tab and click + Add Students

2. Click Import Clever data

3. Select the class(es) you wish to import.

💡 Note: if you have multiple classes in Clever containing the same students, you only need to import one of them

3. Helping students log into eSpark

On your students’ first day using eSpark, they will need to authenticate via Clever. To do this, your students will tap the eSpark icon within your teacher page in Clever* (see image below).

This Clever authentication will automatically launch eSpark on the student’s device.

On your students’ subsequent days using eSpark, they can continue to access eSpark via the icon within your teacher page or they can access eSpark directly by going to Your students will now be auto-logged into eSpark without needing a separate username or password.

💡 Note: You will notice that eSpark will generate usernames & passwords for your students (visible on the “Roster” tab) --- your students will not use these credentials to log into eSpark!

*The eSpark icon will be added to your teacher page in Clever automatically when you sign up for eSpark with Clever. If the icon isn't there for any reason, you can add it manually using these instructions:

  1. Log into Clever.

  2. Search for eSpark on the top search bar.

  3. Click "Details"

​4. Click "Install" OR

If the Install button isn't available, make sure to add your page (the one that is viewable to students) to this section.

Need help with the eSpark & Clever Library integration?

Contact the eSpark Support Team by clicking the Chat button on the bottom right side of your screen!

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