eSpark & Google Guide

Use this guide to get eSpark set up using our Google Classroom integration.

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1. Logging into your eSpark teacher dashboard

Log into your teacher dashboard via this link. Select “Sign up with Google” (see image below).

If you do not see the “Sign up with Google” option, please first make sure that you are logged out of your teacher dashboard (from the upper right).

2. Rostering your Google Classroom students in eSpark

Once you have signed up for eSpark via the “Sign up with Google” button, you can import your classes from Google using the steps below, OR you can skip to step 3.

💡 Note: students must accept your invitation to Google Classroom before you'll be able to import them into eSpark.

1. Go to the Roster tab and click + Add Students

2. Click Import Google Classroom data

3. Choose the classes you wish to import.

3. Helping students log into eSpark

On your students’ first day using eSpark, they will go to on their browser to log in. They will click the “Sign in with Google” option. If they aren’t imported to eSpark already, they’ll be prompted to enter your Join Code.

Your class code and instructions for how your students can join your class using the class code are located on the Roster tab of your dashboard.

4. Need help with the eSpark & Google integration?

Contact the eSpark Support Team by clicking the Chat button on the bottom right side of your screen!

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