We support these methods for students to login:

  1. Google

  2. Clever

  3. Usernames & Passwords

  4. QR codes

If your school uses both Google and Clever, we suggest picking one or the other for eSpark and sticking with it for the best experience for you and your students.

1. Students with Google accounts click the Google button on espark.app.

There are two ways Google students can be linked to your class in eSpark.

You can skip rostering and have your students join your class with your class code which can be found on the Roster tab.

Alternatively, if you use Google Classroom, you can import your students directly on the Roster tab of your dashboard by clicking the +Add new student button.

For more information on rostering with Google, check out our eSpark & Google Guide.

2. Students log in with Clever

First, teachers will need to sign into eSpark with Clever to have their students imported from Clever to eSpark.

Then, students go to their teacher's page in Clever to be automatically logged into eSpark.

For more information on rostering with Google, check out our eSpark & Clever Guide.

3. Students can log in with their usernames and passwords at espark.app.

You can find your students' usernames and passwords on the Roster tab of your dashboard. You can also print login cards for them from the roster tab.

💡 Note: student usernames and passwords are NOT case sensitive. eSpark will automatically capitalize the letters for students as they type.

For more information on rostering manually, check out our eSpark Manual Rostering Guide.

4. Students can log in with a QR code.

Each student's login card has a unique QR code on it. Students logging in at espark.app can click the QR code button to log in.

Students using iPads should scan their QR code to the camera in the Camera App! Once scanned, eSpark will open automatically!

Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch with our Support Team. Just click the blue Intercom chat button on the bottom right side of the screen!

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