Disabling Video Recording

If you want to disable the video recording part of eSpark for your students, you can do so by clicking on your name in the upper right of your dashboard, then click "Customize eSpark." You can then turn student video recording on or off for your entire class.


Making sure permissions are on

Permissions need to be on in order for videos to work. See here: https://intercom.help/esparklearning/en/articles/3351092-how-to-enable-camera-microphone-and-notifications-in-the-student-app-for-video-recording

Browser support for Video Recording

Video recording works on the following devices and browsers:

  • Chromebooks with Chrome browser (recommended)

  • Chrome or Firefox browser on any laptop/desktop computer

  • iPads with the eSpark iPad App (download app here)

Video recording WILL NOT work with any Safari browser on any device. (This is a restriction that Apple has put in place.) 

If you are a trial teacher that needs district permission to download the eSpark app, we are happy to help work with your tech team to get them the info that they need. Just ask us!

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