What is eSpark?

  • eSpark is an adaptive, online program that provides K-5 math and reading instruction at each student’s level.

What’s it designed to do?

  • eSpark is designed to accelerate student growth at any level. It’s differentiated and standards-aligned.

  • It is designed to save you time. No need for you to prep or assign anything. eSpark is fully adaptive and independent! It’s like having “a second teacher in the classroom.” 

  • It is designed to give you rich insights into your students’ learning. You’ll get detailed quiz data, emails with standard progress and small group suggestions, reteaching videos to review and share.

How does it do that?

  • It’s differentiated. A placement test finds the domain a student needs most help in and automatically assigns standards-aligned “Quests” at their level.

  • It’s all-in-one. Each Quest has a pre-assessment, direct instruction videos, practice and application activities, a post-assessment and remediation built in. 

  • It’s fun. eSpark’s team of former teachers curates and updates the best age-appropriate online apps, games and videos aligned to common core standards across grade K-5. This means that students always find something new and exciting to do no matter what level they are at.

  • It’s rigorous and research-based. Each Quest aligns with a common core standard or skill. Students engage with rigorous practice, application, and quiz activities that mirror the types of questions they see on their standardized assessments. Learn more.

  • Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself as a student!

Ok, cool. Now how do I start?

  1. Add students to your class (It's super easy if you have Google Classroom)

  2. Print out log in cards. Headphones, and a place where students can record their videos would be nice. 

  3. Have students log in at espark.app and get started!
    Each student learns to use the program on their own in their Get Started Quest, but feel free to show this Get Started video to your K-2 students or this one to your 3+ students, so you’re all on the same page :)