Updating your DEP token is required a year after upload, annually or if your DEP token is no longer valid, which can occur if you reset a password or when it expires.

You will:

  • Download an Orchard Public Key from Orchard
  • Upload this file to Apple
  • Download a Server Token from Apple
  • Upload the Server Token to Orchard

To Update your DEP credential:

  1. Log into Orchard, go to the Settings area and click the "Set Up Devices" button.
  2. Click the "Set Up Another DEP Credential" button - this is also used to update credentials.
  3. In the instructions, click the "Download Orchard Public Key" link.
  4. Log into https://school.apple.com with your ASM administrator account.
  5. In ASM, look for the "Devices" section, click on the "MDM Servers" item, and click on your eSpark/Orchard MDM server entry.
  6. Click the "Upload Public Key" option for your eSpark/Orchard MDM server.
  7. Upload the Orchard Public Key you downloaded from Orchard earlier.
  8. Next, click the Download Server Token button.
  9. Go back to Orchard and go to the bottom of the Device Enrollment page and click the "Choose File" option.
  10. Select the Server Token that you downloaded from Apple.
  11. Click Upload button.
  12. Finally, you click the refresh button at the top of the Orchard Device Enrollment page to import any new devices assigned to Orchard from Apple.  It may take a few moments to refresh.

If you have more than one DEP account, you may repeat the steps as needed.