Web clips or website shortcuts that appear as an icon can be created as a configuration profile and assigned to devices.

  1. Install Apple Configurator 2 if you do not already have it.
  2. Launch Apple Configurator 2 and select File/New Profile.
  3. Give the Profile an appropriate name in the General section.
  4. Go to the Web Clips section at the bottom of the section list on the left hand side and click the Configure button.
  5. Enter the requested details, a few tips:
    1. Label: this is the text that will be used for name of the icon on the iPad
    2. Removable: We recommend unchecking this, if you do not, students will be able to delete the icon and it will not come back unless the Configuration Profile were updated and reinstalled.
    3. Icon: Specifing an icon is recommend.  Apple's documentation specifies: 'Optional. A PNG icon to be shown on the Home screen. Should be 59 x 60 pixels in size. If not specified, a white square will be shown.'
  6. Save the profile, upload it to Orchard in the Profiles tab and assign to tags as appropriate to install on devices.