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Add eSpark as a Trusted App in Google Admin Console
Add eSpark as a Trusted App in Google Admin Console
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In October 2023, Google Workspace began limiting the access of users under 18 to third-party apps that a Workspace administrator has reviewed and authorized. More information from Google can be found here. If your students are unable to log in to eSpark, it may be because eSpark hasn't yet been added as a trusted application in Google Workspace for Education.

If you are a teacher whose students are having trouble accessing eSpark, please send this article to your tech team for help. Google Workspace for Education administrators can use the instructions below to make eSpark accessible to students.

How to Add eSpark as a Trusted App

  1. Navigate to the Admin console and click 'Security'

  2. From the Security menu, select 'API Controls'

  3. Under 'Third-party apps', click on 'Manage third-party access'

  4. Click on the '+ Trusted' button and search for 'eSpark'
    If you can't find eSpark searching by name, you can search for eSpark using our application ID: 926878497902-7lt9igouuia16j7kra48t3gvkoi6166b

  5. Select eSpark from the search results and click 'Add’

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