High Five Best Practices

In this article, you'll find tips and resources for tracking and celebrating High Fives your students earn in eSpark.

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At eSpark, we believe that every student deserves to be celebrated for their accomplishments. That's why we award High Fives to students every time they master a skill by scoring 80% or higher on a post-quiz. This achievement is immediately celebrated by giving Rocky a virtual High Five on the screen!

There are a few ways for you to track your students' High Fives.* We send you an email each Wednesday listing all of the High Fives your students earned the week prior. You can also use your Teacher Dashboard to check for mastery, where High Fives are indicated on the Activity Report with ⭐️ stars. Hovering over the star will show you the standard(s) the student earned the High Five for. Additionally, you can check a student's post-quiz scores to count High Fives. To view a student's Quest history including quiz scores, click a student's name on the Activity Report to view their post-quiz scores on the left side of the screen.

While we celebrate High Fives within eSpark, we also want to give you the opportunity to honor student success even further.

You can hear more examples of how Ambassador teachers in various grade levels celebrate their students' achievements on eSpark.

Do you have a creative way of celebrating High Fives in your classroom?

Join our eSpark Teacher Facebook group to share how your class celebrates High Fives with other teachers in the eSpark community!

You can also email quotes, photos, and videos to rachela@esparklearning.com.

* Email and Activity Report details may vary between eSpark Lite and eSpark Premium. Click here to learn how to gain access all eSpark Premium features.

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