Small Group Planner

Use this worksheet to plan content for your small group instruction!

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This Small Group Planner can help you plan instruction for your small groups using the Progress Report and our Small Group Skills lessons.


  1. Identify your small groups using the Progress Report. You can click on a standard to re-sort the data and see color-coded groups based on students' performance from the Adaptive Learning Path. Write down student names in the "Group" column.

2. Search for your target standard in Small Group Skills to find a lesson to assign to your students. We recommend assigning the on-grade level lesson to students who fall in the Approaching group.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the lesson to see options to differentiate for your other groups. Write the name of the lesson you are assigning to each group in the planner in the "SGS Lesson" column.

4. Use the "Notes" column to keep track of student progress. Don't forget you can track their progress live by clicking the "My Small Group Skills" button and selecting the assigned lesson.

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