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How to add eSpark to your student's iPad home screen
How to add eSpark to your student's iPad home screen
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eSpark is accessed on all devices, including iPads, at A quick way to direct students to eSpark on iPads is by adding a shortcut or web clip to the home screen of the iPads. Shortcuts and web clips are icons on iPads that look just like apps but open a website in the browser.


Teachers can add shortcuts to the home screen of their students' iPads with just a couple taps.

Follow these steps to add a shortcut to eSpark:

  1. Open Safari on your student's iPad.

  2. Go to

  3. Tap the share icon.

  4. Tap Add to Home Screen

Web clips

Web clips are typically set by admins through the district or school's MDM. Exact instructions vary from MDM to MDM

The web clip settings for eSpark should be set up like this:

  1. Label = "eSpark"

  2. Icon can be found here and is also included below

  3. The Full Screen checkbox should NOT be checked

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