Teacher Voices: Differentiation on eSpark

eSpark strives to differentiate with activities kids love. Hear directly from teachers on the value of eSpark's differentiation.

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Elizabeth S., 6th Grade teacher

Dennis P., 4th Grade teacher

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  • I also love that compared to some of the [other] individualized programs that we have, eSpark really changes what they need to work on right away. It adapts a lot more quickly... and I think my kids appreciate that, too." - Amber S., 4th grade teacher

  • "I'm really impressed because I was not a computer user. I thought, 'they're in my class with me, they need to be with me,' but eSpark does more for my kids than I can. I can single out individualized groups and give everyone what they need." - Emma B., 2nd grade teacher

  • "I do like that I can modify, like if I find a standard or a strand to give, if I have some students I know that aren't going to be successful then I can give them (lower grade activities)... or same thing I can challenge others. So on the teacher end of it it's super easy to assign and be differentiated." - Amy B., 5th grade teacher

Key words: Differentiation, individualized learning, RTI, intervention, targeted instruction

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