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Teacher Voices: Implementing eSpark in Your Classroom
Teacher Voices: Implementing eSpark in Your Classroom

How can you bring eSpark into your classroom? Hear how other teachers have implemented eSpark in theirs!

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Eric G., 5th Grade Teacher

Abby M., Kindergarten teacher

Araby C., 3rd Grade Teacher

Deticia O., 2nd Grade Teacher

More Teacher Quotes:

  • "Differentiation is such a buzz word, and it's impossible for me to give every kid what they need at all times. But, that's why I like eSpark, because I can put my high kids on it, and they can learn about higher level passages or do higher level math, and I can set up my table and work with those lower kids, or vice versa; I try to spend time with all my leveled groups." - Emma B., 2nd grade teacher

  • "We try to use it ... 2-3 times a week, I'll put it up as one of our options, and I'll see some kids will use that more so than (others)... It's given me some other options besides just our textbooks and our guided reading time, so it's another... text for them to use instead of what I have in the classroom." - Amy B., 5th grade teacher

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