eSpark Lite is free for teachers and includes full student access to all Quest content and independent, adaptive pathways.

eSpark Premium memberships can be purchased at the school or district level to support more strategic implementations. eSpark Premium includes:

  • Access to eSpark's full library of pre-built, assignable Small Group Skills lessons

  • Progress monitoring, detailed data reporting, achievement alerts, and intervention recommendations

  • Differentiation based on your third-party assessment data (ex: NWEA Map Growth or Star)

  • Professional development and training webinars to support eSpark use with fidelity

Interested in learning more about upgrading to eSpark Premium in your school or district? eSpark Premium memberships can be purchased at the school and district levels. Teacher/classroom subscriptions are not currently available. Click here to schedule a quick meeting with us or click here to share membership info with your administrator(s).

Click here to download an overview of all features included in eSpark Premium and eSpark Lite.

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