Each quest in eSpark is related to a standard. In each quest, students watch videos, play games, and complete activities that relate to that standard. Some of these activities are from sites outside of eSpark.

If you've noticed that your students sometimes get lost or don't come back to eSpark right away, the following steps will help you get your students back on track!

1. Make sure your students understand how to return to eSpark after finishing a game or other activity.

For activities that open in a new tab, students can return to eSpark by closing the new tab; then they will be back on eSpark.

For activities that open within eSpark, students click the up arrow at the bottom center of the page.

Then click the right arrow on the bottom right side of the screen.

The thumbs up/down screen will appear next. Giving the thumbs up or down will mark the activity complete so the student can move to their next activity.

2. Make sure return-to-eSpark notifications are enabled on student devices.

Return-to-eSpark notifications will automatically bring students back to eSpark if they've spent too long away from eSpark working on an activity or playing a game. This helps prevent students from getting distracted by other things during eSpark time.

  1. Open Google Chrome on the student's device.

  2. Go to espark.app.

  3. Click the LOCK ICON to the left of the address bar.

  4. A small window pop up will appear, make sure that Notifications are all set to Allow, as shown here:

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