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How do students move along in quests?

Keep students on track with their learning while they practice new skills in eSpark.

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Each quest in eSpark is related to a standard. In each quest, students watch videos, play games, and complete activities that relate to that standard.

Each quest takes about an hour or so to complete, so it is not expected that students finish an entire quest in a single sitting. eSpark automatically saves students' progress as they work through their quests.

PK-2nd Grade experience

Students in grades PK-2 follow the eSpark monsters along a path during each quest. Each activity in the quest is represented by a lightbulb at the bottom of the screen. The lightbulbs illuminate as students complete activities.

3rd Grade+ experience

Students in 3rd grade and up travel through a set of islands during each quest. Each activity is represented by an island. This screenshot shows a sample student quest world.

  • The student has completed the island activities circled in pink. Completed islands have a checkmark in the middle.

  • The student still needs to complete the island activities circled in yellow.

  • The last island is the post-quiz and is “greyed out” and not clickable until the student finishes all other activities in the quest.

Moving along in quests

When students finish all activities in a quest, they're automatically prompted to move onto the next one.

If you've noticed that your students sometimes get lost or don't move along in their quest right away, the following steps will help you get your students back on track!

1. After a student finishes their activity, they click the up arrow at the bottom center of the page.

2. Then, they click the right arrow on the bottom right side of the screen.

3. The thumbs up/down screen will appear next. Giving the thumbs up or down will mark the activity complete so the student can move to their next activity.

The thumbs up or down is what lets eSpark know the student is done with the activity. If a student does not give the thumbs up or down, the activity will not be marked complete, and students will have to re-do it.

Marking activities complete manually

Teachers are able to mark activities in quests complete on the Teacher Dashboard. This allows students to skip over activities.

To mark an activity complete:

  1. Click the student's name on the Activity Report.

  2. Click Go back to old report

  3. Choose Reading or Mathematics.

  4. Use the black triangle on the left side of the screen to view all activities in the quest in progress.

  5. Click the activity you need to mark complete.

  6. Click Mark Complete and confirm. You'll see the lightbulb appear on the bottom right of the activity on the dashboard!

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