Small Group Skills allows you to send leveled lessons to your small groups based on what you’re teaching in class. Every reading and math lesson includes an instructional video to teach the skill, a game for practice, and a quiz to show mastery.

Students can complete Small Group Skills lessons independently or at your table in under 20 minutes, giving you real-time data and materials to remediate.

How to assign Small Group Skills

1. Select the the Subject, Grade, and Skill that you're teaching

After choosing a skill that aligns to what you're teaching, eSpark will provide you with three leveled lessons: one on grade level, one above grade level, and one below grade level.

2. Preview what your students will see

Use the "Play as a student button" to view each of the activities in the lesson.

On the bottom left side of the page, eSpark shows a description of the skill taught and the standard the lesson aligns to.

3. Set up your groups

Start off by choosing how many groups you'd like. You can create between 1 and 5 groups per subject.

If you'd like all students to complete the same lesson, simply choose 1 group!

4. Name and level your groups

Choose whether each group will be Below, On, or Above grade level.

By default, groups will be called color names, but you can change this to anything you'd like.

5. Level your students

Select which group each student should be in.

If you don't want a student to receive a particular skill, simply mark that student as "Not in a group."

6. Click Assign

7. Assign the Small Group Skill or Schedule for Later

You can set a particular date for students to receive the lessons, or you can assign immediately.

8. You're all set!

You can now view the Small Group Skills on the Manage page.

How to manage Small Group Skills and view reports

1. From the Small Group Skills tab, click "My Lessons"

2. Click on a lesson title to view your class's details

Here you can see how many students have finished the lesson, your class's average score, commonly missed questions, how far each student is in the lesson, and their individual scores.

How is Small Group Skills different from Assignments?

If you’ve used eSpark before, you’re probably familiar with our previous assignability features, Assignments & Mini-Lessons. Small Group Skills is similar to these previous features, with a few key improvements:


You can now preview each resource in a Small Group Skill (video, practice activity, and post-quiz).


You can now schedule Small Group Skills for a future date.

Improved Data Analytics & Reporting:

Small Group Skills has improved reporting, including a commonly missed questions analysis. You can learn more about reporting in the next section!

Quicker Leveling:

With Small Group Skills, you can easily send different levels of a skill to your different small groups.

Watch a video overview of Small Group Skills below!

Do you still have questions? Do you have feedback on this brand new feature?

Please reach out to our Support team by clicking the blue Intercom button on the bottom right side of your screen - we're here to help!

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