Here are 5 teacher updates we're excited to share with you!

  1. Identify student misconceptions with question-level data in your dashboard

  2. Get started with a colleague by sharing access to your dashboard

  3. Get standards-level data in less than 15 minutes with assignable Mini-Lessons (video + game + assessment)

  4. Leverage student created videos to foster connection during distance learning

  5. Use QR codes for students to log into eSpark

More details on each update can be found below!

Student misconceptions

Click on any student name in your dashboard and drill down to a quest to see the list of activities. Click on any activity to see their answer and the correct answer.

Overview of student detail page

Add your colleagues

Add your co-teacher from your teacher dashboard! Your co-teacher can view student progress, add and remove students, and send assignments. Add a co-teacher from your "Roster" tab.

How to add a co-teacher

Mini-lessons in Assignments

Mini-lessons cover 1 standard and contain 1 video, 1 game, and a short quiz. Mini-lessons take about 15 minutes for students to complete. Access mini-lessons in your Assignments tab.


Student video recording

At the end of each quest, students record a short video explaining what they've learned. Teachers can view and leave feedback on these videos from your dashboard. This is a great way to stay connected with students during distance learning! Click here for more information. Turn it on in your dashboard:

QR Codes

If your students don't have Clever or Google Sign-in, eSpark now offers QR codes for students instead of usernames & passwords to sign in! Print your QR codes from the "Roster" tab of your teacher dashboard.

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