• 1.) Reviewing key features of eSpark

  • 2.) Adding your students to your class

  • 3.) Getting your students logged in & started

Here are some additional resources to help you become an eSpark expert!


  • Start with the basics -- learn about eSpark your way by watching a video or reading an article! [link]

  • Take the student tour to get acquainted with the student experience [link]

  • Share information about eSpark with parents by using this parent letter [link]

  • Show our Student Get Started Video to your class [PK-2 link] [3+ link]


  • Send our Allow List to your tech team -- this will help you get ahead of any network filtering your school has in place so your students aren't blocked when working on eSpark [link]

  • Learn how to use the Teacher Dashboard to track students' progress [link]

  • Turn video recording on or off for your students, depending on your preference [link]

  • Print video recording scripts so your students can prepare themselves to record amazing videos [K-2 link] [3+ link]

Contact our Support team if you have a question -- we're always here to help! Click the blue Intercom button on the bottom right side of the screen to chat with our team.

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