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For teachers: How can I support my students at home?
For teachers: How can I support my students at home?

Resources and tips for supporting students at home

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eSpark is here to help you support your students while they work on eSpark at home. Whether it's due to an unexpected school closure, absences, or just part of your class' regular routine for learning at home - eSpark can be a great resource for remote learning.

This is how you can help your students at home:

  • Get the right info to grown-ups at home by using this parent letter [link]

  • Share individual student progress with grown-ups at home by printing or downloading the student's mastery report [link]

  • Learn how to use the Activity Report to track students' progress [link]

  • Take the student tour to get re-acquainted with eSpark [link

  • Hand out high fives virtually with this social media graphic [link

  • Check out this teacher blog that highlights 4 great teacher tips for distance learning [link]

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