eSpark works on any device with a modern web browser

  • On Chromebooks, laptops and other computers, students can use Chrome browser and login in by typing in the address bar

  • iPads with iOS 11 or later are supported. iPads running on iOS 10 or earlier are not supported or recommended.

  • On iPads, students can access eSpark through Safari browser by typing in the address bar. However, for video recording on iPads, students must use the eSpark iPad app (download app here). If your tech team needs to do that for you, we are happy to help and reach out to them on your behalf. Just send us a message to let us know!

  • The following devices are not supported: iPads with iOS 10 or earlier, Amazon Kindle tablets

Student video recordings requires Chrome or the iPad app

If the video recording feature is turned on, students unlock a video recording challenge after they master a Quest. Video recording works on the following devices and browsers:

  • Any Chromebook, laptop, or desktop by using Chrome or Firefox. (Safari browser CANNOT do video recording, as it is restricted by Apple.)

  • On iPads, the free eSpark iPad App is required to enable video recording (this is a restriction that Apple has put in place). ¬†You can download the app here. If you are a trial teacher that needs district permission to download the eSpark app, we are happy to help work with your tech team to get them the info that they need. Just ask us!

  • If you are using eSpark on iPads without the app - and just using Safari - your students will get the full experience, but we will automatically skip them past the video recording step.

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