Network Planning

Configure the following network settings to ensure a successful eSpark implementation.


iOS devices require a strong wireless connection in order to receive apps wirelessly from an MDM to the Internet. Use a website such as periodically in active classrooms to determine your internet performance to determine your Internet performance.

It is important that the school is using an enterprise grade Wireless system and not a home based system. The signal needs to be distributed evenly through the building(s) for multiple devices to connect at the same time. Consider all devices that are connecting in the classroom and not just the cart of iPads. Are there other devices such as laptops, printers, smart phones, etc? A thorough signal test needs to be completed in every classroom that will have eSparkers.

How many access points (AP) per cart of iPads? eSpark recommends one AP per 30 devices. Again, consider the above when adding the devices. Is your web filter configured to allow the mobile devices to browse?


For more details, see Allow List of URLs for eSpark

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