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What is eSpark and how does it work?
eSpark: what it is & how to get started!
eSpark: what it is & how to get started!

Let's start with the basics! You can learn about eSpark by watching the video or reading below.

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What is eSpark?

  • eSpark is an adaptive, online program that provides K-5 math and reading instruction at each student’s level.

What’s it designed to do?

  • eSpark is designed to accelerate student growth at any level. It’s differentiated and standards-aligned. Students start off with a brief placement quiz which they can finish during their first session.

  • It is designed to save you time. No need for you to prep or assign anything. eSpark is fully adaptive and independent! It’s like having “a second teacher in the classroom.”

  • It is designed to give you rich insights into your students’ learning. You’ll get detailed quiz data, emails with standard progress and small group suggestions, reteaching videos to review and share.

How does it do that?

  • It’s differentiated. Our built-in placement quiz for math and reading finds the appropriate grade level for each student. After the placement quiz, eSpark automatically assigns standards-aligned “Quests” at their level. 

  • It’s all-in-one. Each Quest has a pre-quiz, direct instruction videos, practice and application activities, a post-quiz with remediation built in.

  • It’s fun. eSpark’s team of former teachers creates the best age-appropriate online activities, games and videos aligned to common core standards across grade K-5. This means that students always find something new and exciting to do no matter what level they are at.

  • It’s rigorous and research-based. Each Quest aligns with a common core standard or skill. Students engage with rigorous practice, application, and quiz activities that mirror the types of questions they see on their standardized assessments. Learn more.

Ok, cool. Now how do I start?

Getting started with eSpark is quick and easy! Activation takes just 3 steps:

  1. Add students to your class from the Roster tab of your dashboard.

  2. Make sure each student's grade level is set properly.

  3. Have students log in to begin!

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