The Teacher Dashboard is the easiest way for you to monitor your students' progress. 

Some features to highlight are quiz scores, latest login, student videos, and quest started. 

To login, go to

Sign in with your username and password or with your school email address.

When you login, you'll see your Class Dashboard, which looks like the screen below. 

To check on a particular student, click on his/her name and it will take you to their individual goals and activity. 

Note Students are listed once for reading and once for math,

so if your school uses both subjects you'll see student names appear twice

eSpark doesn't track the amount of time a student spends in the app. 

It only tracks the Latest Login time. Use this column to monitor accountability!

If students recently logged in, they'll know which apps and activities they should be using on the iPad. 

eSpark quests can take, on average, up to two weeks to complete.

If you notice the Quest Started column days are more than two weeks, we recommend checking in on your students to see if the levels are too difficult or if they're having any technical problems moving forward. 

Use the Quiz Score columns to track student progress. 

If a student fails all three post quizzes in 3 or more quests within one mission, we recommend adjusting his or her levels!

If a student fails the first two quests within a mission, the system will automatically adjust the level to a grade below.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to us at