The administrator dashboard provides insight into how eSpark is being used at your school.  This tool will help you identify academic growth as well as student engagement.  You can quickly customize your data set by using filters and drill downs.

To access your administrator dashboard, navigate to, and login with your provided credentials.  If prompted upon first login, click ‘Authorize’ to provision your account.


Your default view includes: Student (name), School (name), Grade Level, Teacher (name), Weekly Minutes, and number of Standards Mastered for the current school year*.  Clicking on any blue text will allow you to filter on that selection.

*A full fidelity eSpark implementation uses eSpark 20 per day, 3-5 days a week. We find that students that use eSpark for less than 20 minutes each week will not have sufficient exposure to achieve the outcomes.

Adjust your view by drilling down to Student, Teacher, or Grade Level.  You can also adjust your date range with standard views or by assigning a custom date range.

Additionally, you can add filters to create custom reporting with any combination of grade, teacher, and school.