Having trouble setting goals for your students? Take a look at our How-To page and let us know if this helps! :)

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Written Instructions:
To set student goals, login to your Teacher Dashboard at www.esparklearning.com

On your Class Dashboard tab, click a student's name to see their quest detail page.

Directly under the student's name, you'll see a dropdown menu where you can select the goal you would like to change.

Then click the blue button to the right of the dropdown and a pop-up window will appear. 

allowing you to make the goal easier or harder. 

You can also choose "Other" to select a specific goal. Click "Save" and you're all set!
Once saved, if your student has a current goal in progress, the goal will immediately end so he/she can begin the new one.

Having trouble? Feel free to reach out to our Support Team at support@esparklearning.com