Each eSpark quest contains pre- and post-quizzes closely aligned to the Common Core State Standards taught in the quest. Pre-quizzes provide a diagnosis of students’ current performance level. Post-quizzes allow teachers to see students’ mastery or areas of need.


Upon entering a new quest, students will see a quiz easel. When students tap on the quiz easel, a framing message will appear informing them that they are about to take a 5-10 question multiple choice quiz. Once a student selects a quiz answer and selects the ‘Next’ button, he or she cannot go back to change the answer. Upon completion of the quiz, a score will pop up along with a message instructing students to begin their quest. Quiz results will be automatically submitted and appear on the teacher dashboard. Teachers can click on the quiz score in the student view of the teacher dashboard to view the quiz questions and the answers selected by the student.

Pre-Quiz Advancement:

When students score 100% on their pre-quiz, they will not be required to complete the rest of their quest.Upon completing their pre-quiz with a 100%, students will be given the option to stay in that quest or move immediately onto the following quest. The image below shows how this feature will be reflected on the teacher dashboard: 

When students are in their mission and pass their pre-quiz with 100% they will see this familiar image:

Then the students will be given the option to either continue in the quest they’ve just scored a 100% on or to move onto the next quest. They will see this image: 

This is a great time to reflect with your students to determine if continuing the quest or moving onto the next quest is the best option. If the student chooses to continue with the current quest, you will be able to tell by the light bulbs that are strung across the top of the screen like this: 


Upon completion of all challenges (videos and apps) in the quest, students will tap on another quiz easel. Students will see a framing message that explains that a score of at least 80% is required to pass on to the next quest. Students who score less than 80% will see a message instructing them to review the apps and videos again. They will be given another opportunity to take the quiz the next day. After attempting the quiz 3 times without scoring 80% or higher, students will be automatically passed out of the post-quiz. Students must still complete the student video project before continuing on to the next quest.

Teacher Override

After students have failed to reach 80% on at least one attempt of the post-quiz, teachers can pass students out of the post-quiz by using the “Skip Quiz” button on the teacher dashboard. When teachers use this option, students will be able to continue to the student video project and the subsequent quest when they next log in to eSpark.

Best Practices for Implementation

Here are some suggestions from teachers already using the quiz feature:

  • Introduce eSpark quizzes to the whole class before students see them individually
  • Emphasize that the quizzes should be taken seriously and that the teacher will see the scores
  • Utilize the eSpark incentive charts to reward quiz scores greater than 80%